Sunday, 4 August 2013

MAC 'Japanese Maple'

 I love my makeup like any other girl, but sometimes you've got to tone it down, take it back to basics.
A classic, effortless no makeup look (for me that involves a whole plethora of cosmetics though). This was the logic behind this purchase of MAC Japanese Maple. After many decisions, dirty tissues and an arm that could be mistaken for a paint mixing board I left £14 pounds lighter.
Japanese Maple a muted nude beige, MAC describes it as frosted, but I'd disagree. Frosted makes it sound dated and old. This is glossy and youthful. This lipstick is one of the Cremesheen and Pearl formulas (sounds snazzy eh?) which basically means its a creamy texture (Cremesheen) with the shimmer and sparkles of the frost lipsticks (Pearl).

In terms of pigmentation the colour isn't the strongest but it gives a subtle and natural finish that I feel comfortable wearing.
So, would I recommend this colour? Yes is the short answer but depending on your skin colour it may wash you out. With all MAC lipsticks though you are paying for the quality... And it does show.
Avaliable at MAC counters or online for £15.


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